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To ponerorchis add graminifolia, Sorry.

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> Getting back to "bulbs", well bulbous anyway. Does anyone have
> experience with the orchid Ponerorchis. I am growing them for the
> time and could not be more pleased, so far. 5 tubers at £3 each and
> are in flower a few months later, all more or less different in colour
> and form, with ~5 to 15 flowers on each. They are very heat and light
> tolerant in my frost free greenhouse, often taking almost full
> sunshine and temperatures of 100F or more during recent very sunny
> weather, without any apparent ill effect. Are they going to let me
> with a bump in a few weeks and die due to plant abuse? How long do I
> grow them on after flowering? A gardenweb enquiry has recommended
> bagging the tubers in polythene and refrigerating in winter. I prefer
> leave in the pot if possible, especially as UK fridges are miniscule
> American standards, and don't have spare plant space, although the
> tubers are very small. Any American or European growers have them in
> garden?
> Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8
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