Hippeastrum seeds

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Wed, 20 Jul 2005 11:30:14 PDT

>From: "Hans-Werner Hammen" <haweha@hotmail.com>

>I found many articles in the web which pretend that floating is THE common
>and practical method for sowing the papery-foiled seeds of amaryllid's
>It seems that this numerously glorified method is becoming the amaryllid's
>cultivation myth of the new century.

Hi Hans-Werner and Doug:
                                     Lots of information concerning plants 
is spread parrot fashion. Floatation is an obsolete method. If one grows two 
or three species it is alright to have something to do during spare time, 
otherwise it is a waste of time and labour. Far better, it is to sow thinly 
in a well drained mix and then place the pot in a tray with half an inch of 
water permanently. This methods has all the advantages of water germination 
but without the chore of potting up seedling by seedling. As seed germinates 
and seedling grow on it is possible to use the watering from below for 
months without any adverse effect. It is not true either that floatation or 
water germination is adequate for all flat black seed. Cyrtanthi dislike it 
very much and rot in a good proportion using it.
                                     By definition, clay balls do not 
improve drainage. As they create a permanent water table at the bottom of 
pots they are widely used in balconies and places where frequent watering of 
potted plants is not possible. GREAT when you go on vacations!

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