Pulling down to correct level

Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:22:22 PDT
    Wow! This is gathering momentum.
    Jim, you are right that it is against common sense that a bulb or corm 
could bury itself deeper yet they do, did and will probably keep on doing 
until they become extinct. MOIST soil is soft enough to let a powerful 
contractile root drag the bulb down. Contractile roots are broad, tapering, 
wrinkled looking and very distinct of the rather cylindrical fine absorbent 
roots and are capable of incredible effort. Almost every one in the forum 
will let you know of cases in which a bulb was thought to be gone only to 
find that the plant sprouts happily in due course. Eyrthroniums, 
Rhodophialas, Sternbergias and scores of others are capable of reaching 
depths incredible to bulb survival (in our opinion, the bulb thinks 

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