Hippeastrum seeds

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Mon, 25 Jul 2005 13:22:04 PDT

>From: "Rodger Whitlock" <totototo@pacificcoast.net>

"Footnote [1]: Of course, if you don't over-pot in the first
>place, the problem won't arise, but there's a natural desire to
>give the roots lots of room. And, barring saturated soil, many
>plants do much better in big pots than small."

Dear Rodger:

Great to hear of you again. Perhaps we are saying the same thing altogether. 
Overpotting is not a problem, nor should if the mix and drainage is 
adequate. In the past, as these root processes were completely unknown small 
pots were used as underpotting was interpreted as the solution for obvious 
cultivation problems. Mix in small pots would dry off more rapidly.
My current research for two years has been on using the largest possible 
containers. Many of you know about this as I have been mentioning the 
amazing results to most bulb friends. Lots of room to the roots make all the 
difference. But, since most of us can not grow our plants in the open 
ground, big pots is the best B option, AMARYLLIDS in particular. But, big 
pots even with perfect drainage holes take long to dry off. Of course this 
is a blessing in hto weather.
All the best

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