Slightly OT Serapias

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 07:50:50 PDT

	"I am willing to sacrifice a few pseudobulbs outside if I can give
>them half a chance."

Hi Jim:
         Sacrifice you will, for although the plants' foliage is quite hardy 
the tubers aren't . Years ago I lost a great collection of Ophrys, Barlia, 
Serapias, Dactylorhiza et al. to an unexpected hard frost as my plants were 
in exposed pots on a bench. I had taken them for granted. Something of 
interest about these gems is that pictures are deceiving. Despite their 
great attractive the flowers are really minute.  When one see images of them 
they look as if they were Disas or Cattleyas in size.

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