Bulbs of south africa

Jonathan jonathan@terraviva.agr.br
Wed, 08 Jun 2005 13:16:12 PDT
Dear Bill Dijk,
I grow up something like twenty or more species of hippeastrum hier in
brazil, and now i´m trying to grow up another kind of species, I getting
test in scadoxus multiflorus multiflorus, and now i got some diferents
species from south Africa, but I donk know if i need to plant now(winter
time hier in Brazil), or i need to wait for spring.
The species is:
Boophane Distichya; Haemanthus albiflos; H. montanus type 1; H.
pauculifolius; H. humilis; H. montanus type 2; Cyrtanthus mackneii; C.
bradchyscipus; C. veld fire; C. contractus; C. breviflorus; Littonia
modesta; Ascencion lily; Agapanthus miniature preacox; A. preacox
grey/yellow; A. Caulenses.
If you have some information about time to plant, quantity of water, and
I´ve got some good information from others friends from PBS, but more
information is always welkome!
Thank you for answer me

Jonathan Alex Wigman

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