Vine Ripened Tomatoes

Christine Council
Fri, 03 Jun 2005 19:39:53 PDT
Hello pbs friends,
I need your help so please don't get upset about the subject matter.
We recently picked up some vine ripened tomatoes at the Super Market
which are sold with the vine still attached to the tomatoes.  They are expensive
but I had a taste for the real deal.  The tomatoes sat around for a while and I noticed
that they looked as if something was bulging out of the sides.  I left it sitting on the counter
and finally decided to perform surgery.  The inside looked like worms or maggots at first
glance but closer scrutiny showed little vines;  the tomatoes looked as if they had been 
pumped full of vines or roots. I let this tomato sit on the counter to see what  would happen
and the sprouts kept sprouting toward the light and getting leggy like my Oxalis plants.  Meanwhile
the other tomatoes had what looked like branches growing out of the tomatoes.  I put these sprouts
on top of  dirt in a yogurt cup, put the lid on ( clear plastic) I had to remove the lid because the 
sprouts were getting to high and are turning into little tomato plants. I also did an experiment by putting the
sprouts into a yogurt cup and adding water. I gave up this idea because it really smells like fish.and turned
brown.  The long and short of it is... what the heck are they doing to grow tomatoes?  I have a few experiments 
going on because i want to see how fast the vines will grow out side and I am dying to see the end product.  
This could be easier than planting seeds because I just  pull out a clump of of vines and plant them in dirt, 
water, or leave them sitting inside of the  tomatoes.  Usually there were vines and no seeds.  I saw three seeds
in one tomato.

Please humor me, I am curious about the possibilities because I just started to pay attention to how things are 
grown recently. Take Care Friends and please send your comments to the list or my personal address  

Scamp the un - Earth lady.             

--- Christine Council
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