Slugs - Ughh!

Fri, 10 Jun 2005 08:09:09 PDT
i never heard that slugs were edible.  i know a
variety of snails, both terrestrial and marine, are
eaten around the world.  i've of course tried escargot
(in butter sauce) and also canned sea snails that are
sold as "top shell" in some chinese groceries (these
are quite tasty).  

of course, there are also the holothurians (sea
cucumbers, also known as trepang or beche-de-mer)
which are sometimes called sea slugs but they are not
related to mollusca at all.

years ago, i met a nigerian environmental activist who
worked in the few remaining rainforests of that
country near the border with cameroon.  in these
forests, there are gigantic arboreal snails, which he
was trying to market and sell to europe.

9" (23 cm) slugs????  eeewwww...  

tsuh yang

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