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Rand Nicholson
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 17:53:57 PDT
Hi Carol & Alberto:

Beaucarnea recurvata ( Pony Tail Palm) is a semi-tropical geophyte That may well be classed as a "tree". The enlarged trunk at the base is a storage device, however, I doubt that it can be referred to as a "corm". Not everything is a corm, bulb or tuber. Some things just have big thick nasty stems., or roots that enable them to survive harsh conditions.

I have grown a B. recurvata for over ten years in a six inch pot. It is about 2 1/2 ft tall with a fat base. Bonsai?


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> >Hi Carol:
>>          Beaucarnea is actually a  bulboid tree. In a suitably warm climate and in the ground it can grow to a massive 15 ft or more and with a bottle of gigantic proportions.
>Bulboid must mean not a bulb but something near to a bulb, right? I have had lots of different takes on this plant, from "How beautiful" to (most people) a querical look of part disgust, part wonder.
>In Copenhagen there is one of these huge greenhouses in the botanical garden where people often donate their own plants if they would be happier there in the greenhouse. Mine will end up there one day and grow very large, I am sure.
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