New moraea pictures
Thu, 23 Jun 2005 22:22:25 PDT
Moraea barnardii blossoms are not large- 1 in. diam.- but with their blue or black lines and dots they are most charming. The blossom lasts 3-4 dayys and repeats periodically for 3 weeks. I have but 3 plants. I pollinated and got one pod but I was away and missed the seeds. M. bipartita is a bit unpredictable but sets alot of seed without help. It is fugacious but sets many blossoms at a time and repeats for weeks. M, crispa looks like e pinwheel, is fugacious and repeats  for 2 weeks. I started with three 15 yrs. ago and have only one left. However, it has bloomed alone for the past 10 yrs. neglected, without fertilizer. It doesn't divide or send off ?stolons?. The blossom is not small-a bit larger than a quarter. It isn't a quitter. M. polyanthos is a late bloomer, fugacious with alot of  small blossoms that set seed like crazy and is almost a pest.  This week a  rogue tree squirrel managed to polish off some of my moraeas and other bulbs in my raised gopher proof bed before I got around to covering with hardware cloth. Cracked walnuts with peanut butter lured him into a commercial trap and I released him into a woods 15 miles away. I hope he/she isn't a homing squirrel.  Bob Werra in No. inland California

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