Mystery bulb - Ismene x Festalis?

John Bryan
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 16:48:43 PDT
Dear Paul:

I think certain Hymenocallis have foliage that form a 'false' stem by
the foliage sheathing the stem. Cheers, John E. Bryan
Paul Tyerman wrote:
> At 02:56  18/06/05, you wrote:
> >Dear Alberto:
> >
> >Thanks, I guess the mystery bulb remains just that, a mystery! Cheers,
> >John
> John et al,
> This sounds like Ismene x Festalis (Not Hymenocallis, although for some
> reason in the US in particular Ismene are called Hymenocallis all the
> time?).  Ismene and Hymenocallis are not the same thing despite this cross
> usage of the name.  My understanding is that the difference between Ismene
> and Hymenocallis is the fact that Ismene have the leaves bound together at
> the base by a sheath, whereas the Hymenocallis have their leaves free
> immediately they exit the ground.
> If memory serves me it was Alberto Castillo who gave this wonderfully clear
> differentiation about a year or so ago, but I am not sure which list it was
> on.  I think from memory I kept the email (as I found it so useful to clear
> up the whole Ismene / Hymenocallis thing) so I can try to dig it up for you
> if you would like?
> I would definitely say that the mystery bulb sounds 100% like Ismene x
> Festalis as it matches perfectly what we have under that name here in
> Australia and they are distinctly different from any of the Hymenocallis
> that I grow.
> Cheers.
> Paul Tyerman
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