Leo A. Martin
Mon, 13 Jun 2005 09:03:33 PDT
Hans wrote regarding Moraea

 > alticola, villosa , vegeta , tricuspidata , saxicola ,
 > ciliata , setacea , atropunctata , gawleri

 > Hi Leo,
 > Thank you also for the right spelling of the names - I have received
 > these bulbs with these names.
 > We live here in the warmest area of Germany ( Zone 7a ), but I
 > will not grow these plants in my borders -only in containers ( always
 > problems with the room ).
 > I will hold these plants in my greenhouse ( together with my cacti )
 > or in my bulbframe ( with my Crocus, Narcissus...).
 > A problem is for me to find information ( pictures ) from M. setacea -
 > is this maybe a synonym for a other name ?

Hello Hans,

When I want to find out whether a name is correct I go here

and here

One can type in the full name or just the genus name, and then look at 
the species list. The database includes old names and shows what the 
correct name is now.

There is no M. setacea listed. But there are two similar names:


According to Goldblatt, M. spathacea is a synonym of M. spathulata, 
which is in cultivation.

Many Moraea can be separated by the appearance of the corm. From 
Manning, Goldblatt, and Snijman:

M setifolia - ...corm with pale, soft tunic fibers.

M. spathulata - ...corm tunics of coarse, brown fibers, extending up 
upward in a neck.

Moraea have been cultivated in northern Europe since the late 1700s. I 
am sure you can find people in Germany or the Netherlands on the 
Internet who can help you with how to grow them. Here in Phoenix, I have 
to protect them in the summer!


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