Narcissus pachybulbus

Susan Hayek
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 21:11:51 PDT
**I would be interested if you have any left.

susan hayek

>Dear Friends;
>	I have a few small bulblets of this curious species of 
>narcissus to go to good homes. It is really a collector plant, not 
>for most normal folks. The bulbs can get enormous - maybe 5 inches 
>across; while the tiny perfectly formed flowers are little more than 
>1/4 inch across. Although it is multi-flowering, the entire umbel is 
>only about 1 inch across.
>	It is also tender so it must be grown in a warm Mediterranean 
>climates or in a cool greenhouse where it takes up a lot of space 
>for a very small reward.
>	This sounds like I am not recommending it and I guess not, so 
>no trade just a good home and too few for the BX, sorry. I'll 
>reserve the right to send to a limited number of requests. All off 
>line please.

susan, who is.....
owned by Jasper & Schubert the Standard Poodles, Gracie the 
Rhodesian, Pup-Quiz the Basenji and their Basenji brother, Jones.... 
on the North Coast of CA, USA, copyright 2005

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