Hoog & Dix?

Carol Jensen jorna@mobilixnet.dk
Sat, 11 Jun 2005 10:42:04 PDT
At 10:37 11-06-2005, Marie-Paule wrote:
>Hello Mr.Jim,
>I have found this site on the Internet,with many exporters of bulbs and
>flowers,but unfortunately it is a site in Dutch.perhaps you can do something
>with it.There is Hoog en Dix export bv  still there, or it is an old
>site,that I don't know.Hoping that this is a little help.


This being a Germanic language, it is easy to understand. We in the EU are still not really allowed to bring bulbs across from one land to the other, but it is done. Probably these companies do export bulbs legally.

For me it is a great site, so I thank you Marie-Paule!


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