Bletilla sp

James Waddick
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 07:07:29 PDT
Dear All;
	B. striata is a fairly common garden plant here. It is 
available at most garden centers and a no-brainer. I've had clumps in 
full sun and full shade for years. Typical purple or white flowers, 
white edge-foliage and one named sort with a bright purple lip (name 
evades me).
	It is subject to late spring frosts and may loose a few 
flowers, but easy almost anywhere (all clay soils). It persists and 
multiplies slowly.

	It is very common in parts of China and I have seen small 
children collect flowers along the road side in Sichuan. I recall 
they just pull up the flower stem with a leaf or two attached. When 
they have their arms full they go to market. Of course in Sichuan it 
gets about 4 times taller than it does here.

	I have tried a few other species and hybrids -all with 
'yellow' flowers - and none survive, but I believe B. striata is the 
most northern species. There's around 10 sp. in the genus and they 
should all do well in milder climates.

	Best	Jim W.
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