South African flower books

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:04:39 PDT
Dear All,

Sorry to be so late in responding to a number of these, but just haven't 
had time. I have all the South African field guides and I used to use them 
a lot, but after the Color Encyclopedia came out find myself using it more 
because it has so much more information. Once you get an idea of the 
different areas it covers you can easily pick up from the code where each 
species grows and what it may encounter growing there. Usually information 
about the soils each species grow in is included in the species summary.

Since I am in a Mediterranean climate I grow more of the winter rainfall 
plants, but agree that both of Elsa Pooley's books are worth having. What 
I'd really like (this is addressed to our South African participants) is a 
field guide for that colder winter rainfall area, the Roggeveld. IBSA 
members are always writing about the amazing bulbs that grow there. The 
Nieuwoudtville guide that Diane mentions is my favorite. The pictures are 
very good and there are more geophytes pictured in it than any of the others.

I'd like to remind everyone that Jane McGary started a wiki page for 
Reference Books.…
A number of us have added our favorite books to it and any of the rest of 
you can add ones that you love to the list.

Mary Sue

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