Medicinal uses of bulbs.

Gilbert Nancy L Contr 9 CES/CEC
Wed, 08 Jun 2005 15:51:21 PDT
I am interested in this topic, especially the medicinal and other uses
of our native bulbs (especially by the native Americans) here in the
Western U.S. I have done some research and have several ethnobotanical
books, some out of print, but I have found much of the information is
fairly sketchy. I would appreciate any additional good resources on this
Nancy Gilbert
Grass Valley, CA. 

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I do not know if many or any are interested in the medicinal uses of
bulbs. If you are, then the book Zulu Medicinal Plants,  by Alan Haxton
Scott, Gillian Lewis and Anthony CXunningham and published by University
of Natal Pietermaritzburg (1990 in association with the National
Botanical Institute Cape Town, and University of Zululand Kwadlangezwa
will be of interest. Clivia miniata, as an example, can be used against
snakebite, and urinary complaints, and roasted bulbs of Crinum are used
to relieve pain of arthritis, varicose veins,  and backache. Fascinating
reading! The chemical constituents are given. I always think such
information is fun to read even if such are not used here in the USA.
Cheers, John E. Bryan _______________________________________________
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