Allium atroviolaceum

Lauw de Jager
Thu, 02 Jun 2005 01:25:03 PDT
Angelo Porcelli wrote in sept 2003:
Allium atroviolaceum is an interesting species that I want you to
'study', as it could have some potentiality in horticulture, especially
among collectors. This is an Apulian sub-endemic (indeed found also in
Balkans) and it is related to A.ampeloprasum. Was formerly a variety of
ampeloprasum, but later elevated to species. It is  70-100cm tall, with a
flower head of 8-12cm deep purple. It flowers in June, but I hadn't time to
take any pic, sorry. This species is in the Apulian red list of endangered
plants, together with Arum apulum, due to the modern herbicides used in
agriculture. It was a common plant in the olive tree fields one time.

The bulbs you send me in sept 2003 are now in flower:
Stems 130cm tall (4ft6") diametre of the spherical umbel 60mm.  The colour
a beautiful dark purple. The smooth Leaves, sheathing around the stem, are
still present. Apart from the colour, the plant looks very much like what we
commonly find around here A ampeloprasum. Provided it has not the same
"weedy" tendencies your plant has a good garden potential.
Kind regards 

Lauw de Jager
South of France (zone 8 Olivier)

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