geophytic and non-geophytic bulbs;

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 12:06:44 PDT
Hi Ken:
          The reason behind such definitions is of a practical nature. There 
must be at least 3,000 species of geophytes (and perhaps 50,000 named 
hybrids in cultivation?) to portrait and discuss. There has to be a limit to 
such an amount of work. Then it sounds sensible that those that are not 
geophytes are not included.
          Interestingly in many areas of South America that are dryish and 
hot very many plants look "bulbous" but they aren't. It is an adaptation to 
periodical fires and most (if not all) are woody and carrot like. In other 
words, a tree or shrub of small size completely buried in the ground and 
from which only the soft green parts emerge. This organs are xylopodiums but 
not bulbs, corms and tubers. More like caudiciforms.

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