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Alberto Castillo
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 14:21:33 PDT

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>Subject: Re: re [pbs] Mystery bulb
>Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 23:02:42 +0200
>At 21:59 17-06-2005, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Didn't we also have a vote for Hymenocallis × festalis ? Kevin, I think 
>of you as our resource for Hymenocallis. Do you have an opinion before 
>Susan renames the picture? Also perhaps Carol could tell us where her 
>daughter-in-law obtained the bulb. Is it something commonly available? That 
>might help figure it out. Whatever the species, it is a very nice picture.
> >
> >Mary Sue
> >
>She bought it on the "bulb" street which is close to the railroad station 
>in Amsterdam (Holland). I will send her an email, but she probably won't 
>know. Holland makes lots of money on amaryllis in winter, for instance all 
>Danish amaryllis come from Holland. I haven't ever seen any interesting 
>bulbs like mine or the crinum being sold.

Hi Carol, Susan et al:
                            It is a good opportunity to compare Alberto's 
great images of two true Hymenocallis species against that of Carol 
daughter's  Ismene. It can be Ismene 'Festalis' or Ismene 'Advance'. Even 
without an image Carol's description of the plant having a stem or "trunk" 
from which the leaves appear points to a Ismene.

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