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Mon, 13 Jun 2005 07:34:45 PDT
At 03:16 13-06-2005, Alberto Castillo wrote:

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>>I am wondering if one puts such a cold-needing bulb in the fridge for a month or two (just as I put my amaryllis in 10C-50F temperature for 2 months) in order to make it flower. This for indoor gardeners of course. Or one could put the outdoor ones in a pot and then in the fridge, then move them outdoors in the pot.
>Hi Carol:
>          Sounds sensible but the conditions must be not only cool but also very dry. It comes from a cold droughtland like the Ungernias.

When I hibernate my amaryllis, I don't water them for a week before I put them into a dark cold place. One could do the same putting bulbs in the fridge. Although the fridge itself is not very dry, if the bulb is in very dry soil and it is for a short time, it ought to work.


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