my hymenocallis

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:30:14 PDT
   During Carol's search it has been raised the question of identifying 
Hymenocallises. This can be a most difficult task except when comparing 
living plants. When an unknown Hymenocallis is in flower it would be useful 
to take note of the following data (valid only for flowering size plants)

Flowering time (besides month, wether it is early, mid or late Spring, etc., 
this is quite constant)
Perennial or deciduous foliage
Shape of foliage (if leaves are petiolate like in Hosta or linear)
Foliage color (in some species it is a pea green, in others light green and 
yet in others a dark green)
Foliage shape (in some species the leaves are erect and in others arching in 
which case it is important to note wether the tips point down or sideways or 
45 degrees up)
Foliage dimensions (lenght and width)
Flower dimensions
Tepals shape (are they arching, or S shaped, drooping or rather erect?)
Tepals and corona (in some species they are pressed one against the other, 
in others visibly apart)
Offsetting (this is typical of certain species)

Of course this is valid if you are growing them under congenial conditions, 
not for Wisconsin, Saskatchewan or Denmark in the open!

All the best

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