Garden blooms/New Gladiolus pictures on the wiki

Jane McGary
Wed, 01 Jun 2005 09:36:10 PDT
Thanks to Mary Sue for her comments and good photos on the wiki.

She mentioned the white spider camouflaged in the white glad. I often find 
these white spiders in flowers here. I suppose they lurk where a visiting 
moth or other prey insect will mistake their legs for anther filaments.

Gladiolus tristis has survived outdoors here for the past two warm winters, 
so I may try some of its hybrids too, if I happen to get any. The only 
other African glad I grow is the tiny G. alatus, which is in the bulb 
frame. I once had G. x colvillei but lost it in a normally cold winter. 
More reliable are the European Gladiolus species,  which are in flower now. 
Slender plants, they look best among other vegetation. I was surprised when 
visiting Crete last month to see how robust G. italicus is there; it (like 
the tulips) obviously responds well to the chemical fertilizers that, 
according to conservationists, are being over-applied and killing off the 
famous orchids.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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