my ismene

Carol Jensen
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 13:46:09 PDT
At 15:21 19-06-2005, Kevin D. Preuss wrote:
>My Ismene flowers around Christams and is dry by May.  It has done this for 5 yrs in a  row now and its few selfed-seedlings follow this pattern (but have not flowered being too young still).
>I could never figure out if this is the correct cycle, but it works.
>Paramongaia has bitten the dust, all 3 I've had because I could not figure out their cycles.
>I'd recommend drying off the Ismene until late fall.
>Good luck!
>Kevin Preuss
Seems a pity when it is still growing. Remember, this is an artificial environment in a Danish room, while yours is outdoors and follows its own cycle. Same with amaryllis - I doubt they go into dormancy naturally in October and flower at Christmastime in nature! But Danish ones do!


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