Nothoscordum inodorum

Rodger Whitlock
Mon, 13 Jun 2005 13:01:26 PDT
Vegetative pestilence season is upon us once again.

In spite of years' sedulous removal of Nothoscordum 
inodorum as they turn up, three more bulbs matured and 
flowered this year. Yikes. Will I ever be rid of it?

As probably reported before, this horrendous weed gained 
entrance to my garden many years ago under the nom de weed 
"Leucojum trichophyllum", courtesy of the then-ARGS seed 

For those not familiar with it, look for stems 60-65 cm 
tall (a little over 2') with a few-flowered umbel of 
off-white flowers. No onion scent to the foliage; a very 
sweet honey scent to the flowers if the nose gets close.

It sets copious seed, white offsets attached to the parent 
bulb, and other offsets the color, size, and shape of apple 
seeds an inch or two from the parent bulb.

If you have it in quantity, moving might be the simplest 

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate

on beautiful Vancouver Island

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