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Wed, 15 Jun 2005 20:18:31 PDT
I have quite a few B. striata planted in OH at my uncle's, z5. They are almost taking over the shade garden, not that I am complaining mind you. 
I had several sources, one was from a Japanese employer who had several pots of it in her yard here in So CA and the other was a wholesaler, maybe Brent and Becky's or John Sheeper's wholesale division. 
They only get a thick mulch in spring with the rest of the garden and that is all. The last few springs I have added a few bales of peat moss to the area to improve the soil, at least on top. 
They have not only survived but they are spreading quite rapidly. Nearly every growth has flower spikes on them and some produce seed pods. I have not observed any seedlings either. 
If any one is interested, I could pull/dig out a few this fall for trade or something. 
This is the same area where I have the cyclamen (they get more sun), Trilliums, Hellebores, and other shade plants. 
It does get sun until about 1 or so in the spring and I am not sure how late in the summer. 
I had been told by a client/friend in MI (Glen Pace who is on this list) that they grow for him as well in sun. Or was he talking about Hellebores? I am blond sometimes when it comes to certain details. <G>
I also have a friend, Dr. Warren Stoutemire, of Akron, OH who has made some wonderful hybrids that I hope I can get some photos of. They were in bloom when I visited him this May but my camera batteries were dead, of course. He has his growing in the greenhouse and I asked him why. He said it was much easier to enjoy them at eye level than on the ground outside. Reasonable enough answer. 
I will probably move some to the sunnier parts of the garden this fall. Maybe around where my Spiranthes cernua var. odora are doing well. 

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