Medicinal uses of bulbs.

Gilbert Nancy L Contr 9 CES/CEC
Mon, 13 Jun 2005 08:28:10 PDT
Thanks, Mary Sue. I have a copy of that book and it is very intersting,
although I agree that some plants may be erroneous or extinct. I wish
there had been the foresight and wisdom to record the plant uses by the
indigenous peoples before so much was lost. "You don't know want you've
got till its gone".
-Nancy Gilbert

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Dear Nancy,

I have a book, "Plants used by the Indians of Mendocino County
by V.K. Chestnut. The names of the plants have often changed and I think

some of the species are also misidentified or else they are now extinct,

but it is an interesting book. If you can't find it perhaps I could lend
to you.

Mary Sue
At 03:51 PM 6/8/05 -0700, you wrote:
>I am interested in this topic, especially the medicinal and other uses 
>of our native bulbs (especially by the native Americans) here in the 
>Western U.S.

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