Question from a new member

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 29 Mar 2005 11:53:28 PST

We had this message come to our list from someone who was searching the 
Internet and found a message in out archives about Hymenocallis. He is 
needing help with seed. He has now joined our list, but I am copying the 
message since it includes the information he found in the archives.

Mary Sue

I found your name on the internet when I was looking for more information 
about the Hymenocallis. During my last visit to South Africa a couple of 
weeks ago, I found a couple of seeds of the Hymenocallis, Common names: 
Spider lily, Ismene, Peruvian daffodil, Sea daffodil.
I don't know the precise name of this plant but I'm rather sure that it is 
a kind of  Hymenocallis. The Hymenocallis is from a botanical garden in 
Stellenbosch SA where a lot of these species were growing. But this one was 
without a nameplate.

Now back in Holland one of the seeds, seize 3 to 4 cm diameter, is 
germinating. A small white/green spike is growing out. Is this a starting 
root? How do I handle this seed? Should it be planted with the spike 
downwards and how deep? Please advise.

Kind regards,

Dick Huijsman
d.huijsman at 

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