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Alberto Castillo
Wed, 02 Mar 2005 08:24:37 PST

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>Do you have any more details that might help me contact Holly Forbes, such
>as phone, E-mail?
>Nancy Gilbert
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> >Subject: [pbs] Desktop Seed Cleaner
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> >To All,
> >Do any of you out there have any experience using small scale seed
> >cleaning
> >machines for processing bulb seeds? In particlular, we are interested in
> >the Clipper desktop seed cleaner or equivalent and how well such a 
> >handles the pods and small seeds of California native bulbs such as
> >Brodiaeas, Alliums, Dichelostemmas etc. We also would appreciate any 
> >as to where we might be able to purchase a used seed cleaner at a
> >reasonable price.
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Nancy Gilbert
> >Far West Bulb Farm
> >Zone 7, Northern California Sierra Foothills
>Hi Nancy:
>              While at the UCBG Berkeley it was amazing seeing a seed
>cleaning machine they have. It is like a glass candelabra of some sort and
>through which a powerful air current flows upwards dragging the seed to one
>branch and leaving the chaff in another. It cleaned lots of seeds in a few
>seconds. Send a message to Holly Forbes and I am sure she will give you the
>name, brand and details.Good luck

Hi Nancy:
She is the curator at UCBG Berkeley. Faster than me trying to find her 
e.mail addreeess you can find it at the Garden's homepage. Mention my name, 
no problem.
Best wishes

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