Anza Borrego Desert:Hesperocallis undulata

Barbara Weintraub
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 11:30:07 PST
Dear Joyce and others,
I observed the same behavior with two to three blooms open on each plant. 
The Hesperocallis that I saw were much farther along than in Jamie's photos 
with both seed pods forming and new flowers. Most had browning foliage. I 
still love it!

If it weren't in a protected area, I would have considered returning to 
collect a seed pod. If anyone has the academic credentials (and experience 
germinating such plants) to request a pod from the research director at 
Anza Borrego, I have her name and email address. On the other hand, perhaps 
it would be possible to collect a pod or two from populations outside the 
park? I am cautious about collecting seed from endangered species and 
employ the "rule of 10" when doing so.

Please let us know if you have the opportunity to collect seed. I would 
love to try a few. Anyone have any idea whether it could handle Santa Fe's 

Barbara L. Weintraub, on her way home to Santa Fe, NM

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