Desert Wild Flower wiki page

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 19 Mar 2005 11:31:49 PST

There is something to be said for both sides about whether or not to create 
a wiki page so people can share the pictures they have taken when they have 
visited the desert in Southern California-Arizona this year.

On the one hand we try to keep our topics and our wiki focused on 
geophytes. And we have avoided creating temporary pages that create an 
additional burden for those of us who manage the wiki. On the other hand 
many members of this list are going to see the flowers and I am sure there 
are people in this group who wish they could go who would like to see the 
pictures. Since we don't allow attachments, the wiki is our only resource 
for sharing our pictures.

Here is my compromise. I have created a temporary wiki page that I have 
linked to the miscellaneous page. I will remove it some time later, maybe 
this summer.…

Here are the guidelines I requesting you use if you wish to add pictures to it.

1. When you announce new pictures, please use Desert Wild Flowers in the 
subject so those people who wish us to stay on topic can delete those messages.

2. Any pictures you add that are not geophytes MUST be named with Desert as 
the first word. This will enable me to remove them all at once later so I 
won't have to keep track of an assorted list of different names and remove 
them one at a time. Geophytes should be labeled in the usual fashion as 
they can become a permanent addition to the wiki.

3. I'm not going to have time to add pictures for anyone or to help anyone 
who is new to using the wiki if they need help with non-geophytes. If 
Arnold or someone else comfortable with using the wiki is willing to help 
people through the process or to add desert pictures for them, please 
announce this to the group. Those of you who need help please make note of 
any volunteer help and contact that person privately.

I hope this compromise will work for everyone.

Mary Sue

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