Scoliopus Seed

Louise Parsons
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 06:29:01 PST
Obtaining scoliopus seed ~is a challenge. S. halli grows near my home in western 
Oregon. The little plants begin to bury their own seed before it is even ripe. I also 
understand that scoliopus seed does not stand dry storage well. If anyone does 
manage a harvest of either species, pack the seed with some damp vermiculite. 
Keep it cool to prevent rot. I have had other similar ephemeral seed, handled in this 
manner by seed pros such as Ron Ratko, germinate quite well. 

Early last spring I finally found a single pot of S. bigelovii that wasn't badly slug-
damaged (out of a whole lot that were!) at a large nursery open house. Still in a 
generous pot this year, it has made a tiny offset, but no bloom yet. Growing 
scoliopus is like growing trillium. Much patience is needed. Ultimately it should be 
rewarded though, for I also recently saw a handsome clump growing in pine duff in 
a local rural garden. The owner said that once it obtains maturity, it will thrive for 
decades with little care here --with faithful protection from garden slugs of course. 

If I am fortunate enough to obtain any seeds or babies of either species, I'll be sure 
to post here. 

Cheers, Louise

> Greetings:
> Still looking for scoliopus seed, both bigelovii and halli. Can anyone
> help or know a source?? Thank you.
> Gerhard from Bavaria

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