Poison bait, was Fritallarias in bloom

Susan Hayek susanann@sbcglobal.net
Tue, 08 Mar 2005 23:17:33 PST
At 3:54 PM -0500 3/4/05, JFlintoff@aol.com wrote:
>    Using poisons is a double edged sword since other animals can eat 
>the poisoned animal and die from it; the warfarin-containing ones 
>are especially dangerous to pets and other wildlike.
>Jerry John Flintoff

**Thank you.
I had an acquaintance lose his much loved Borzoi to a gopher who 
carried poison bait from a neighbor an acre and a half away.
It wasn't that the gopher ate the bait and travelled before he died.
A gopher can find the bait, fill up it's cheeks and carry the bait 
homeward. If the dog or the cat catches the gopher, cheeks stuffed, 
even a large dog is dead, and it's not an easy death.

We have 3 1/4 acres. My dogs catch and eat gophers.  Lots of them.
We pray that neighbors nearby don't set out poison. We certainly don't.

susan, who is.....
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