Galanthus ??

James Waddick
Fri, 04 Mar 2005 09:07:49 PST
Dear All; (John Grimshaw?)
	I visited a friend about 100 miles south of here and saw a 
clump of a Galanthus that struck me as something odd from first view. 
After keying out the major characteristics, it keyed to G. gracilis, 
but it doesn't really fit at all.

	It has applanate vernation, but the grey- to grey-green 
glaucous foliage gets to 20-23 cm tall and 1.4  to 2 cm wide with a 
very slight twist.

	The flowers inner perianth segment is well over 1/2 covered 
in a mid-green mark,but somes show a hint of an X at the lower half. 
The large grey glaucous foliage and applanate vernation seem to not 
fit anything unless it is a hybrid of? The variation in inner 
perianth marks tells me these are mix of seedlings, not a clone and 
therefore close enough to be a species, not a hybrid?

	Appreciate any guesses. The flowers are going down so 
pictures won't show much.

	Stumped. 	Jim W.
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