Moraeas in bloom

Lauw de Jager
Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:00:21 PST
Mary Sue,
You could further divide the genus in subgenera (and sections)
classification which P Goldblatt uses: 5 subgenera:
1 Visciramosa
2 Monocehpalea
3 Moraea which contains 11 sections: such as  Galaxia, Homeria, and
4 Vieusseuxia 
5 Grandiflora  contains mainly summergrowers from the North and Est of South

This classifaction really helps to understand the genus. It would be very
helpful to apply it to the wiki page

Bye for now 

le 17/03/05 17:23, Mary Sue Ittner à a écrit :
 > One of these days there also will be some pictures from Bob Werra's
> collection. Our Moraea wiki page is getting very long in spite of our
> separating out Galaxia, Homeria, and Gynandriris. It's a large genus so am
> not quite sure how else we could divide it.
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