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It is not true to say that all bulbs are monocarpic; neither true lilies nor
amaryllids replace their bulb entirely in a single season. Neither should
monocarpy be invoked when the primary axis of the plant continues as it does
in Tulipa, Crocus, Colchicum, etc, etc - but not in Cardiocrinum in which it
is quite accurate to use the term for the principal bulb.

The term itself is dubious. What is a 'carp'? A carpel is a single female
part of a flower consisting of stigma, (style) and ovary including ovules.
Monocarpy suggests a solitary carpel (although this would be strictly termed
monocarpellate) and can really be viewed as a nonsense term. What is meant
is a single flowering event from the primary axis. As students we were
taught by uber-botanist David Mabberley that the correct term is
hapaxanthic, meaning once-flowering. Something drilled into one by Mabberley
is not easily forgotten without a pang of guilt, but it must be said that
hapaxanthic is not often used!

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> Jane McGary wrote: I wrote "monocarpic bulb," meaning precisely that,
> Jane, it was very naughty of you to use the meaningless phrase 'monocarpic
> bulb'. After all, in that sense, all bulbs are 'monocarpic'.
> : )
> Jim McKenney
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