bearded iris

Cynthia Mueller
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 17:09:12 PST
Hello, Angelo,

Bearded iris do not do very well in College Station, because it is too close to the Gulf Coast - must be the humidity.  We do have plenty of Iris albicans, the "Cemetery Iris" brought to Texas and Mexico by the Spaniards, who received it from the Moors.  It's associated with cemetery plantings, evidently, in both Spain and North Africa.  It is considered to be sterile, but is found everywhere - probably given from friend to friend and often moved around in the earth scraped away from the sides of old roads and deposited in fresh places.  There are other irises that can be grown, the I. fulva, (red parent, along with several other wild American iris, of the Louisiana iris, I. pseudacorus),  I. kampferiae, to a certain extent, and species such as I. prismatica.

Cynthia Mueller

>>> 03/21/05 1:13 PM >>>
Dear friends,

I would like to know if the bearded Iris pure species are self fertile or not. I have some in bloom now and I wish to get seeds on them.

many thanks
Angelo Porcelli
south of Italy
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