Ipheion, Tristagma, Nothoscordum again

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>Dear Alberto,
>Thanks for explaining again. I understand now that Nothoscordum bivale is 
>not the same plant as Tristagma bivale. In reading your lists I am 
>wondering if you have changed your mind about Nothoscordum dialystemon. In 
>the past you have told us it should be called Nothoscordum felipponei. It 
>had 8 tepals instead of six, but this was not enough of a difference to be 
>a separate genus. In one of your notes you are listing it as N. dialystemon 
>which is how Howard lists it in the Herbertia article. Could you clarify 
>this for us?
>Mary Sue

Dear Mary Sue:
                     Ooooops! Thanks for making me remind this one. 
Dialystemon is an eight tepalled form of felipponei, that is. This also 
happens frequently in Zephyranthes grandiflora and flowers with 8, 10 or 
even 12 tepals are produced. But, people likes to use separate names so if 
they use dialystemon for this distinct form is not bad.
Perhaps they should list it as
Nothoscodum felipponei (I. dialystemon).

The core of all this is , has been and will be to count with proper 
reference names to know what we are talking about. Taxonomy is not the 
revealed truth. A friend who knows a lot about bulbs said once:

"After all, it is a matter of opinion and no one can prove anything"

All the best

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