quoted material in Bulbs for Garden Habitats

Louise Parsons parsont@peak.org
Mon, 28 Mar 2005 08:39:33 PST
I am not speaking for either Jane McGary or for NARGS here. Instead this is 
simply my own take on this. At least in one or more instances, there did not 
appear to be a meeting of minds in the process of publishing this book. Jane 
never stated anything conclusive about attributions or permissions on behalf of 
any others. She simply raised very legitimate questions based on her own 
experience and perception. 

On the face of it (and not having yet seen this work), I would not have 
automatically expected a review in the *Rock Garden Quarterly* for this type of 
work. Every editor has reviewers and consults with members regularly.

Garden books are springing up like mushrooms after a fall rain. And that is 
wonderful. Gardening and birding are two of the most popular leisure pursuits 
in the world. Obviously the market is there and of course the works should meet 
a full diversity of needs, but they can't all be reviewed. And no author can be 
all things to all people. So the ~emphasis is on books deemed to be of interest 
to rock and woodland gardeners and enthusiasts of wild plants, rather than 
works intended for a "general audience". 

All the best, Louise

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