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Sat, 26 Mar 2005 12:25:45 PST
There is also a question as to what extent did the author of a book, as distinguished from a journalist engaged in a journalistic endeavour, profit from material used from other sources. As well, there is a concern for an appropriate  _length_  of quoted material and/or substance therein, as regards any particular format of acknowledgement. Intent may also be a consideration.

Copyright law can be tricky, but I would assume that a professional journalist would be aware, or advised, of same.

Rand Nicholson

>Ellen Hornig's statement about fair use of Internet postings and published material is correct. I did not say, or intend to imply, that Glattstein had misused her sources in any legal sense. Attribution by name is frequent in her text.
>My point was that a bibliography should have been included, and that explicit mention of the PBS and perhaps Alpine-L should have been made in a prominent place, such as the Acknowledgments. This is not a legal issue, but a social one. Ellen is correct that one doesn't expect citations in general-audience periodical journalism, but my feeling as a book editor who has worked both in academia and in other publishing is that book publication, even when for a general audience as this one is, should be held to a somewhat higher standard.
>Jane McGary
>Ellen wrote:

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