Acis revisited

Jim McKenney
Mon, 07 Mar 2005 11:55:58 PST
Jane, it's the research which interests me, not the opinions of the various 

What evidence did he find? I think the only evidence he will find is that 
from an early date in the history of the name, someone (other than 
Salisbury, the author of the name) decided to treat it as feminine, and 
everyone after that followed the leader.

Your ergo is flawed because it does not keep separate the context of 
discovery and context of justification. Adolf  Ceska 's credentials are not 
the issue, and in and of themselves do not resolve the issue.

BTW, please don't misinterpret my insistence on this matter: I'm not angling 
for a change in the current usage. I just like to separate fact from 
fiction - or in this case, fact from prevalent usage.

Jim McKenney

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