Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 07:51:38 PST
Dear All,

After a period of dry weather we've had more than 3 inches of rain, most of 
it on Friday and Saturday so a lot of my blooming bulbs look a bit sad. But 
yesterday between showers I discovered that Erythronium californicum is 
blooming again.

Many of the other Erythroniums I am growing from seed just have leaves. I 
planted Erythronium multiscapodium I bought from Diana (Telos) in the 
ground and it bloomed the first year and has been going downhill since 
then. This year there was one leaf that later I saw lying on the ground 
detached from the bulb so it too may be history. Some others I had growing 
from seed I left in a pot had a brief half hearted attempt at blooming last 
year, but nothing this year. I've a lot to learn about growing this genus 
successfully. The Erythronium californicum 'White Beauty' that I got from 
Diana for finding an error in her catalog (the very clever way she ensures 
you will look at every word) has never bloomed for me and is also 
dwindling. In Bulbs of North America this clone is described as increasing 
unlike the species. Fortunately, the ones I grew from seed of the species 
are doing better every year.

I can understand why Jane offered some E. helenae to the BX in 2001. I 
counted 100 in a pot last year from Wayne Roderick seed started in 2002. 
This one is listed in the Rare Lilies of California by Peggy Fiedler as it 
is threatened by horticultural collecting, geothermal development and road 
construction so it is good that it increases well in cultivation.

John Lonsdale is sharing his wonderful images with our wiki. We are adding 
some and linking to his page for people to find the others. Susan Hayek has 
been doing the image work. Yesterday she did Erythronium and I added text. 
After we were done it seemed to me it was a bit like a topic of the week. 
So perhaps I can make it an informal one. I know Paul Tyerman grows these 
and Jane and Diana and even Arnold under lights. Please share your 
experiences growing this genus and please look at the wiki page where Susan 
has added some of John's pictures and I have added text.…

Mary Sue

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