A Galanthus bouquet to celebrate the season.

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 07 Mar 2005 15:36:56 PST
Dear Jim,

There was an extra .jpg on the end of your file that you didn't include in 
your link so I couldn't get it. I've removed one of the .jpgs and the link 
should now work. And everyone should look at this picture even if Galanthus 
isn't one of your favorites since it is just wonderful!

I love the Helleborus and all the other things so artistically arranged. I 
was wondering why you could not figure out exactly where it belonged on the 
wiki and after I looked at it I understood. It should join Sheila Burrow's 
picture on the Miscellaneous page. Or maybe we should make a new page for 
flower art since we now have 2 pictures to go on it. In case some of you 
who are new to our group haven't checked out the Miscellaneous wiki page, 
here's the link:


You'll find all kinds of interesting things on this page.

Mary Sue

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