Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 18:04:55 PST
Dear Jim,

There is a Geissorhiza spiralis. I've tried to grow it a couple of times 
and even had seed come up this fall, but I think something ate it and I 
doubt it made a corm first.

If you were unimpressed with Geissorhiza, the right ones must not have been 
in bloom. It is hard not to be wowed by some of them. But it was good if 
you didn't want them as I don't expect they would survive in your garden 
although G. spiralis is from the Roggeveld which is one of the colder areas 
in  winter rainfall South Africa. They made the favorite list of some of us 
when we were mentioning our favorites by color.

I can relate to growing what I once considered an unseemly number of pots. 
In fact Stan Farwig is partly to blame as I attended a slide show and 
checked what I thought was really beautiful on his slide list and later 
looked at the paper and there weren't too many I had left blank. It was a 
long time before I grew many of them, but the impression had been made. 
Sadly in 1990 most of his bulbs went to bulb heaven in a really cold winter 
and he and his partner just didn't have it in them to start over.

Mary Sue 

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