Favorite Bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 14 Mar 2005 07:49:48 PST
Dear All,

I've created a new wiki page where I have put the summarized favorite bulbs 
from our discussions about favorite bulbs by color in last year's Topics of 
the Week. I don't think I realized when I decided to do the first one what 
a lot of work they'd be and how less fun each subsequent one was to do even 
though I was warned by my wiki team members. Maybe some day I'll do the 
Bulbs for Shade and Fabulous Foliage topics we discussed too, but it will 
need to be when I have time on my hands (not now.) I hope some of you will 
have a look. I've added links to wiki pictures. These all had to be changed 
one at a time when we moved to the new server and it was only when we were 
almost finished doing it that Susan figured out a way to do them globally 
using a Mozilla html editor and a text editor. The most recent additions 
from the last few days were the summaries for white and blue flowers from 
our November and December discussions.


Mary Sue

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