Xerophyta retinervis

Leo A. Martin leo1010@attglobal.net
Wed, 18 May 2005 21:16:52 PDT
I can't recall whether I posted this before. A year or so ago I wrote 
inquiring how to sprout the above. Nobody had any suggestions. Several 
people said they had been trying to sprout them but never got any 

After seeing other X. species in habitat in Madagascar I realized they 
sprout in constantly-wet humus hummocks on rock faces during the wet 
season. So I put some sand in a pot, placed the X. seed on the surface 
of the sand, and set it in a container of water so the water table is 
within an inch of the sand surface. I covered it with a bag. The seed 
came up quickly and is growing.

I don't have any idea how fast they grow in habitat so I don't know what 
to expect next, but at least now we know how to sprout them.

Leo A. Martin
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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