Membership & BX payments via PayPal

Mon, 02 May 2005 12:11:25 PDT
Hi all,

A bit more info for those of you who would like to pay via PayPal...

If you are already familiar with PayPal:
You can send PayPal payments to  Please be sure to 
use this address; the other email address that some of you may have for me 
is linked to my personal PayPal account.  You are welcome to pay for 
membership or BX payments via PayPal.  I do ask that you make it clear in 
the subject line what your payment is for.  If you pay for more than one BX 
in a single PayPal transaction, please be sure to indicate which BXs you are 
paying for, and how much you owe for each BX.

If you aren't familiar with PayPal:
The above rules apply, but I'm happy to help if you need some instructions 
to set up a PayPal account.  Send me an email and I'll send a copy of the 
instructions that I typed up a year or so ago, and if you run into any 
problems, I'll do what I can to walk you through it.

Thanks to all the members who have already renewed, and to all who are about 
to!  We appreciate your support.

Jennifer Hildebrand
PBS Treasurer

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