off topic: Franklinia, was message mess-up

Jane McGary
Sun, 22 May 2005 10:08:01 PDT
Jim McKenney wrote,"About thirty years ago or so I planted a then small 
Franklinia here in the
>garden. Shortly after I planted it, something gnawed the trunk about six
>or eight inched above ground so much that the top of the plant fell over. It
>was however still attached by a band of bark. Determined to save the plant
>and not knowing what else to do, I put soil over the upper part of the plant
>(which was then just about flat on the ground) leaving the tips of each of
>the three branches exposed.
>Now fast forward about thirty years. The Franklinia is a multi-trunked

I had the same experience with my Franklinia, although the damage was 
caused when the severe winter of 1990 froze the young plant to the ground. 
It also came back with multiple trunks which now reach about 18 feet -- not 
a giant but pretty good for a Franklinia in this climate, just the opposite 
(cool and dry) of what it presumably wants in summer. I do think, however, 
that a single-trunked Franklinia is a more attractive specimen. But mine is 
pretty in fall in the unusual years when it manages to color its leaves and 
flower at the same time; usually the frost that brings on the leaf color 
also blasts the flowers and makes the buds drop! I think it would work 
better if it got more summer heat.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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