Winter survival report

James Waddick
Sun, 15 May 2005 22:13:26 PDT
Dear John and all;
	Similar survival on most of the same as expected. Hipp x 
johnsonii has gone through a couple of winters here, but has yet to 
bloom in the ground. Still waiting.

>"None of the peonies are open here but there are a ton of buds on 
>very strong plants. I have a few that have really twisted and 
>contorted leaves this year. I fear the worse and assume that I will 
>have to remove them from the collection. Any thoughts Jim W what 
>they could be suffering from?"

	Sounds like frost damage to the developing foliage buds. 
Ignore it and wait until next spring. If it is just a few leaves and 
it annoys you, cut them off.

>I have a lot of Lycoris foliage from radiata and several other 
>species. It doesn't look like aurea returned

	L. aurea is the least hardy species and not likely to hardy 
north of Zone 9 or protected 8.

>Speaking of America, I have a peony by that name and it is in 
>glorious form this year, good dark leaves, lots of buds and held 
>firm in the rains.

	'America' is one of the very best herbaceous peonies. 
Wonderful color, held high and glorious.

	Best	Jim W.
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	Summer 100F +

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