Cyclamen hederifolium seed ?

Thomas Glavich
Sat, 28 May 2005 07:09:16 PDT
The quick solution is to get some screen copper if you can or aluminum, but use a metal, and make a tent over the plant.  Cover the entire border(every inch) with bricks.  This should stop  birds and most rodents.
Keep the screen at least a couple of inches away from the plant.

Julie <> wrote:
The seed pods on every one of my cyclamen hederifolium outside in pots are
gone. The entire seed pod and there were a lot of them. :( The pods on
the large tubers in the ground are still there and they are right next to
the pots.

The seed pods don't look very close to being ripe. Any suggestions on how
to keep the rest of them from disappearing?

Thank you.
Julie Lockwood
Shadylane Nursery
Zone 8
"To Plant a Seed is a Noble Deed - Propagation is Conservation" Norman C.
Deno, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

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